Steam biocleaning in communities and communal areas : a performing solution for ensuring excellent cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Retirement and nursing homes

SANTE chambre-patient-verticale
SANIVAP appliances in relation with their ergonomic accessories allow for biocleaning of the surfaces of the room and furniture: floors, walls, doors, beds, tables, chairs, windows, etc.

The appliances also clean and disinfect the surfaces in washrooms: toilets, sinks, showers…

SANIVAP appliances also clean and disinfect equipment and medical appliances.



  • Communal kitchens


The SANIVAP method ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of all the surfaces present in a kitchen: cold chambers, stocking areas, cooking areas, preparation areas as well as of all the different kitchen equipment: slicer, peeler, cooker hood…

The SANIVAP steam method completely adheres to a hygiene plan like HACCP.





  • Middle and High Schools

Kitchens, self-service dining rooms and cafeterias, classrooms, sport equipment, furniture and washrooms are all cleaned and disinfected with steam.

The SANIVAP method guarantees an optimal result whilst simultaneously reducing cleaning chemicals budget.


  • Nursery, primary and elementary schools


Different playing and resting areas, washrooms and toilets, material and equipment including games and carpets are easily and efficiently cleaned and disinfected by the steam.

The absence of chemical detergent and disinfectant is especially significant in relation to children as it eliminates any allergic risk.




  • Sport equipment


Changing rooms, toilets, equipment, technical floors in sporting establishments, as well as swimming pools, are all efficiently cleaned and disinfected by steam.

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See Leaflet “steam biocleaning in nurseries and kindergartens”