Steam biocleaning in healthcare establishments: many uses with excellent results in terms of cleanliness and disinfection.

  • Operating blocks

SANTE bloc

Operating blocks, classified as high-risk zones, demand extremely efficient biocleaning measures. SANIVAP appliances guarantee a high quality clean and disinfection of the operating room, equipment, and medical appliances.

Steam biocleaning is used each day after the daily operation program.

  • Patient rooms

SANTE chambre hopital

SANIVAP appliances in relation with their ergonomic accessories allow for biocleaning of the surfaces of the room and furniture: floors, walls, doors, beds, tables, chairs, windows, etc…

The appliances also clean and disinfect the surfaces in washrooms: toilets, sinks, showers, etc.

Steam biocleaning is used after each patient vacates the room, as well as daily on high-risk zones, such as floors, contact points, or toilets.

  • Medical appliances

Numerous medical appliance manufacturers have recognized the SANIVAP steam cleaning method. The steam procedure ensures a very efficient biocleaning whilst preserving the integrity of equipment, especially by avoiding any chemical use. See validations from medical Equipment manufacturers

  • Neonatal care

CaleoThe efficiency of SANIVAP appliances has been approved for the biocleaning of neonatal incubators. The steam cleaning method ensures an excellent result while avoiding risks associated with the use of chemical detergent and disinfectants, which pose an allergy risk for newborns.

Major manufacturers of neonatal incubators have validated efficacy of SANIVAP steam biocleaning method on their Equipment : Dräger (see validation) , General Electric,  Mediprena…

  • Sterilization unit


SANIVAP appliances are a solution to the difficulties encountered in certain cleaning operations of complex medical instruments, whilst obeying the sterilization protocols. Specific accessories ensure the efficiency of the steam cleaning, in particular for areas that are difficult to reach, including cannulas, hollows, cavities and reamers.


  • Emergency vehicles

SANTE ambulanceGuaranteeing sanitary safety for transported people is a top priority for emergency services. SANIVAP offers biocleaning protocols adapted to both vehicles and equipment.




 See leaflet  Steam biocleaning in healthcare settings - FOLDER SANIVAP SPORES -  leaflet SANIVAP SPORES

See  leaflet “steam biocleaning for First Aid, emergency sector”