Steam cleaning and disinfection for professional environments: A new quality solution for cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition to the healthcare sector, communal areas, food and other industries, other trades rely on SANIVAP, including transportation, hotel business, catering, automobile, cleaning companies, etc.

  • Transportation

TRANSPORT train metroThe problems linked to hygiene and cleanliness in the transportation sector are varied and often difficult to resolve. Previous studies carried out in collaboration with

technical services of the SNCF, the RATP and different private transportation companies (buses, car rentals) show that the SANIVAP method brings considerable



The SANIVAP method can easily be integrated into a normalized cleaning procedure in order to:


• Improve the general hygiene

• Guarantee a quality standard

• Set up an environmentally friendly solution

• Be used and accepted by all


The SANIVAP steam method fulfills all the above expectations and, as such, has become a reference for the maintenance of transportation vehicles and their components.


  • Hotel busines

SANTE sanitaire toilettes

The SANIVAP steam method produces flawless hygiene in hotel establishments.

Toilets, wall and floor coverings, and furniture are all cleaned rapidly and efficiently thanks to an environmentally friendly method.

Daily cleanliness, respecting the quality standard, decreasing emission of pollutants and need for chemical products, increasing customer satisfaction and increase in better working conditions are all advantages that the SANIVAP steam method can offer to hotelkeepers.


  • Catering

MULTI restaurant

Steam biocleaning corresponds to the hygienic requirements of this area, both for the premises as well as for the equipment. The fact that no chemicals need to be used is an undeniable advantage.

  • Automobile

MULTI automobile

Automobile professionals (dealers, garages, cleaning companies) appreciate the efficiency of steam in cleaning processes of vehicles, both for the interior and the exterior.

  • Cleaning contractors

Cleaning companies need to manage a day-to-day accomplishment of results. The hygiene trade has evolved, becoming a specialist trade. The SANIVAP steam method ensures efficiency, productivity gain and ease of set-up. This is why it has convinced cleanliness professionals.