Standards and certification

Steam biocleaning: A certified biocidal efficiency


Besides its thorough detergent action, the efficiency of SANIVAP’s method has been confirmed by excellent results in terms of disinfectant action, according to European norms NF EN 14561 : 2007; NF EN 15562 : 2006; NF EN 15563 : 2004.


  • Bactericidy > 5 logs
  • Fungicidy > 4 logs
  • Mycobactericidy >4 logs
  • Virucidy > 4 logs
  • Sporicidy  > 3 logs with injection of a solution of hydrogen peroxyde


SANIVAP holds certificates issued by the National Testing Laboratory (LNE):

CERTIFICATION Logo Entreprise certifiée LNE


The SANIVAP method has also been supported by results from studies carried out in scientific laboratories or in-situ by many users.